You spent over a decade training to be a doctor. But you didn't expect this.

...managed care issues, staff problems, regulatory compliance, rising costs, decreasing reimbursements. That's not how this was supposed to work. Now it doesn't have to.

TransGlobal Pathways, a premier health care consulting firm, has helped physicians with practice management in a number of specialties across the country. With our help, you become free to concentrate on your life's work AND your life outside of work, as well.

You remain in complete control of your practice and your profits, not medical practice management consultants, while freeing yourself from the administrative, operational, day-to-day minutiae. But, of course, the question is one of cost and benefit. This is not free, but it makes you free. And when you look at the bottom line, you'll notice it's considerably bigger than it was when you managed it by yourself.